Dancer Call-In

RAKKASAH 'West' Dancer Registration for 2019

If you would like to beaded to the waiting list.  

Please send an email to rakkash@att.netwith the following info:

What day you can not make it.  

7 or 15 min spot (with act name)

phone number.


Thank You!


Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 9am (Pacific Standard Time)

How does it work?  Well you will be able to see in real time which spaces are available, by clicking on the time of your choice you will be able to input your information, the page will then show that space is no longer availed (because it will be yours!)  It’s just that easy!  You will be able to sign up for your cd spots or our live music all on the same page!!

** If you click on an open spot and all that comes up is a form that says comments.  Someone was a bit faster – return to the sign up page and choose another time slot.


No more than 2 troupes to represent each school.  If you are dancing with a troupe you will not be eligible to sign up for a solo.  Troupes of 4 or more are allowed 15 minutes, how ever if you now you will only be using 7 or less please sign up for a solo spot.

I will be on line via our Facebook page to answer your questions!

How the On Line Registation Works

All performers with the exception of the Workshop Teachers need to register to perform.

At RAKKASAH Festival we DO NOT charge dancers to perform. The day they dance they get into the festival for free!! We encourage dancers of all levels and ages to perform on our stage. All Oriental styles, Tribal, Fusion, interpretations and/or fantasies are welcome as long as you remember that this is a family show.

This year we are requesting that there be no more than 2 troupes to represent each teacher.
There is always a very long waiting list of performers and we would like everyone to have a chance to perform.


  1. Solo, Duo and Trio performance times are 7 minutes - no longer.
  2. Troupes (four or more) performance times are 15 minutes - no longer
  3. Warning - If your dance runs over the allotted time you will be subjected to having your music turned off and your performance ended - we must keep it fair to the other dancers and keep the show as close to on schedule' as possible. (Thank You)
  4. If you are performing with a troupe you may not dance a solo spot, however you may dance with as many troupes as you wish.
  5. Dance Schools may only have two troupes on the schedule.

Good Luck and See You at the Festival