Rakkasah East 2017 Workshops

Thursday October 12 - Sunday, October 15


Rakkasah East Packages:

Full Package - $280 for all classes Thurday through Sunday, festival entrance and your choice of dance day and time.

Two Day Package - $180 all classes Thursday and Friday (does not include entrance to the festival) and your choice of dance day and time.

Registration Form: 

Mail form and payment to Rakkasah. 1564 'A' Fitzgerald Drive #124, Pinole, CA 94564

All Classes held at the Ukrainian Cultural Center 135 Davidson Ave, Somerset, New Jersey 08873

Discount price good through September 15



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Thursday  October 12 – Day of Dance (10am-5pm) $100 / $125 Indivitual Classes $35 / $45

Registration starts 15 minutes before each class


10am – 12noon

Saqra - Spicy Turkish Combos with Cymbals


12:30pm – 2:30pm

Fahtiem - What did you say?  What are your movements sayng on stage? Your body speaks.  Expressive and fun combos.


3pm – 5pm

Leila Haddad -  Balady Dance too enhance your femininity, - Fun and sassy choreography for your joy and pleasure

Thursday Evening 


7:15pm – 9:15pm

Morocco assisted by Karima Nadira - It's always a good time to clean up your act - a selection from the actual Fundamental Movement Vocabulary of Raqs Sharqui and how to do them correctly


Friday October 13 –Day of Dance (10am-5pm) $100 / $125 Indivitual Classes $35 / $45

Registration starts 15 minutes before each class


10am – 12noon

 Aneena - Double Veil - New moves and special technique.  Some veils available at class.


12:30pm – 2:30pm

Leila Haddad -  North African traitional dances from tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.  Fromo Berber to Beduin (bring two small scarves)


3pm – 5pm

Ebony - The Game - Original fusion choreography from Ebony.  Combines elements of Raqs Sharqi, Urban Dance genres & Showgirl/Harlem Renaissance influences.  An intermediate level dance set to the electronic music son "The Game".  Combos featuring shimmy layers, popping, wacking, house dance and more.

Saturday October 14 - $35 / $45


9:30am -11am

Ebony - Tribal fusion choreography.  Ebony will teach an original tribal fusion choreo.  Willl focus on slow and slinky elements.  Swirley movements alongside sharp accents & popping to create mesmerizing flow of movement.  Dance shoes recommended - not required.


9:30am -11am

Fahtiem - Drum Solo - What to do ( or not to do) with your arms to enhance the excitement.


9:30am – 11am

Scott and Casey - Drumming to Live Music with Scott Wilson & Casey Bond. Learn to drum along to the belly dance songs that everybody loves. Bring a doumbek, frame drum or zills. Dancer/drummer Leni Cohen will provide some moves while Casey brings the grooves and Scott plays the oud! All levels welcome.

   October 16 


9:30am – 11am

Belladonna - Bohemian Blade Combinations - Signature sword moves, grips and transitions.  Enliven your sword dance and practice your proficiency! Participants must bring there own swords.


9:30am – 11am

Kaeshi Chai - Story Telling Through Dance - Gain Theatrical tools to more effectively connect to audience and convey your story through dance.


9:30am – 11am

Natica -  The Art of Awesome!  Dynamic, Dramatic, Reources Free Book of Recoginzed dance reference & connections tranform your audience.