Rakkasah East 2018 Workshops

Thursday  October 11 - Sunday, October 14


Rakkasah East Packages:

Full Package - $280 for all classes Thurday through Sunday, festival and entrance.

Two Day Package - $180 all classes Thursday and Friday (does not include entrance to the festival).

Registration Form: 

Mail form and payment to Rakkasah. 553 Spring Mills Road, Milford, NJ 08848

All Classes held at the Ukrainian Cultural Center 135 Davidson Ave, Somerset, New Jersey 08873



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Thursday  October 11 – Day of Dance (10am-5pm)  $125 Individual Classes $45

Registration starts 15 minutes before each class


10am – 12noon

Tasha - Be a Compelling Performer:  artistry, elements of style, bring a veil


12:30pm – 2:30pm

June Seaney - Turkish Romani (Gypsy) Dance – A look into dance culture and celebrations in the Romani way – gestures and dance steps taught to 9/8 Ağir Roman rhythm and as a way to feel this music and dance we will put them together into a fun, choreography.


3pm – 5pm

Vikki Gale - Fast & Furious Sword:  Have a need for speed?  Join Vikki Gale as we explore the daring world of fast sword through combos.  These exciting combos can be incorporated into any dance practice, be it improvisation, choreography, tribal, soloing, etc.  Rev your engines and get ready to turbo charge your sword work! 

Thursday Evening $45


7:15pm – 9:15pm

Leila Haddad - Elements and sequences for a rich choreography in Oriental dance à la Leila -  Use of the space for a passionate dance experience in theaters

Friday October 12 –Day of Dance (10am-5pm) $125 Individual Classes $45

Registration starts 15 minutes before each class


10am – 12noon

 Saqra - American Cabaret Style: History, Costuming and Performance Technique


12:30pm – 2:30pm

Fahtiem - Spicy, Sassy Traveling Combos


3pm – 5pm

Belladonna - Dangerous Beauty – A sultry and powerful sword choreography with Belladonna. Belladonna is known as the Baroness of Blades. Master sword performer and belly dance technician. This creative choreography follows the recipe for Belladonna's ground breaking approach to sword work in Belly dance. In this workshop she shares her passion for sword dancing with you. Each movement is imbued with fierce and feminine power. Each transition is smooth and sultry, all while helping you to find more polish and precision in your sword performance. **Please bring your own sword & knee pads

Saturday October 13 -  $45


9:30am -11am

Leila Haddad - Experience the richness of traditional dances from North Africa : Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia - bring 2 small square scarves


9:30am -11am

Belladonna - You are a work of ART! Learn to use all aspects of performance to make a true work of art! Belladonna will discuss how to make all of the elements of your performance work together to make you look and feel your best. Includes discussion of themes, characters and storytelling – be it fierce, sultry, dark, or dramatic. In this workshop you will learn to use costuming elements, musical choice, hair and makeup design, staging, and lighting to make you your masterpiece!


9:30am – 11am 

Natica - The Art of Awe II and The Power of Your Creative Dance Spirit with  2018  Rakkasah East  awesome dance innovations, rehearsing traditional and renowned expressive attitudes,  remembering effective performance techniques and surprises from subtle to spectacular presentation.   Refreshes your inner dancer with a  continuing reference for all artists in the new book The Art of Awe II and The Power Of Your Creative Spirit and goes beyond the earlier book:  Art of Awe and the Power of Your Artists Statement    The newest 244 page (2018) book is free to all class  participants and celebrates the spirit of Rakkasah. 


9:30am – 11am

Scott Wilson and Casey Bond - Drums Alive! A fun, friendly percussion workshop with Casey Bond (doumbek), featuring Scott Wilson (oud & vocals) and belly dancer Leni Cohen (bass doumbek.) Drummers will learn to play lead or bass parts of the belly dance songs that everybody loves. Dancers- this is your chance to experience LIVE music and LIVE drum solos with NYC's legendary Scott Wilson & Efendi band! ALL levels welcome- special care given to novices!  Casey brings the grooves and Scott strums the oud while Leni busts some moves! Bring a doumbek, frame drum or zills and as always, a smile!

   Sunday October 14 - $45 


9:30am – 11am

Fahtiem - Mastering Graceful Transitions/ Combos


9:30am – 11am

Aneena - Tapladocka - Choreo/Combos.  Old tyme moves now.  Drum Solo, hip work fluidity and control.  Classic meets modern.