Our Bands

The Bands  - Rakkasah East 2017


Friday October 13
Pangia 7:00pm - 7:55

Saturday October 14
Pangia 3:16 - 3:57
Efendi 8:16 - 8:57

Sunday October 15
Efendi 1:16 - 1:57
Pangia 4:16 - 4:57



Pangia plays exciting and dynamic arrangements of Egyptian, Armenian, Greek, Lebanese, Turkish and Persian dance classics as well as a varying array of original compositions. Very popular with Belly Dancers and Musicians alike.  Pangia's music is sold world wide and they have 7 cd's/& MP3s available  Be on the look out for more from this diverse and popular band.
Band Members: Pat Olson - Oud, Denise Mannion - Keyboard, tim Bolling  - Doumbek and Linda Grondhal - Riq Pangia!

Not your average House band: IN THE HOUSE since 2001!!

Email: pangiaraks@yahoo.com      Web: www.PangiaRaks.com      Phone: 530-938-2503

Scott Wilson - Efendi
Exciting belly dance music from Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Israel, and the Middle East. Scott Wilson and his group have been playing in NYC's west village for years.

Band Members: Scott Wilson - Baglama Hydra, Jim Nordstrom - Bass Guitar, Carmine T. Guida - Doumbek, Leni Cohen - Bass Doumbek
Email: mellow111@aol.com      Web: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/efendi4 Phone: 917-846-3106